Why Video?

Are you asking yourself why you need professional cinematography or video for your event?  Maybe you are struggling with justifying the cost of professional film?  Especially since you will have a photographer taking still photos and your friend (with a good camera...wink, wink) offered to gift you by doing your video.  It will be covered and all sounds good, right? Sadly, no. It’s not always a happy ending.

Top 4 Reasons for Pro Video

1. Your photos don’t speak to you like your video. The vows, the toasts, the service, the oohs, and ahh’s. The gasp when you enter the room for the first time. Your professional film mixes the audio with the visuals for a full, emotionally charged viewing experience.

2. Not all people with a camera are event filmmakers. Take the bride who decided not to hire us and had a ‘friend’ film her wedding. The friend's one camera malfunctioned and, in a panic, the friend erased all the pre-reception footage.  Professionals, like Mares Productions, are prepared with gear, back-ups, alternate production plans, and calm demeanors.

3. Your day will quickly fly by and you will want more. You will want to go back and have a ‘re-do.’ With your professional video, you can be back there again, on the dance floor, or with loved ones, every time you push ‘play.’ Your film will transport you back to a day that you brought you immense joy and happiness.

4. Hiring a professional is not as expensive as the painful price of regret. It’s one time. Why chance it to someone who isn’t experienced? This is more than just another day in your life. It’s a day full of your hand-selected details and decisions. Everyone you love in your world is with you this day. Your Mares film will encompass the people and play that want to enjoy again and again. It’s an investment, not an expense.


If you want to breathe in every moment of your event with total peace of mind, we can help. 

About Us


At Mares Productions, it’s not about us, but about designing films that reflect the true you. You have carefully selected each detail of your day, and want to see your signature story, not just a fairy tale, Hollywood- style film. You will laugh, cry and enjoy reliving your event every time you watch your Mares Productions film.  We go beyond simply videotaping to digging deep into who you are and what you want to be reflected in your films. We ask a lot of questions. We listen intently. We anticipate the nuances you will cherish.  We love what we do, and are thrilled when others do too! Here are a few client testimonials:


Hi Lisa. 


 Just to reiterate my Mom's note, we were blown away by the amazing video. You were such a pleasure to have there with us, especially while we were getting ready.  And there were so many times during the video I said "They were there during that??" and I'm so glad that you were. :)  Getting to see everything we weren't there for was so wonderful.  I also really appreciate you expediting the timeline for my Mom, I know how eager she was to have it for a variety of reasons and it was so kind of you to accommodate. We really really appreciate all your hard work and are beyond grateful to have this video.





Dear Lisa.


Words cannot express how much Scott and I love the sneak peek of the first dance!! It is absolutely stunning!!! The videography is incredible and the first dance song works so well! Everything looks beautiful and we know the final product will be gorgeous. You both made our wedding day really special! 


Thank you for all your hard work, 

Becky and Scott

We commit to delivering films that will reflect cultural sensitivity, insightful designs, artistic eyes, and creative angles. As an international and award-winning company, we have been professionally trained, filmed 1000+ events in our 25+ year career, and would be honored to celebrate your event with you.



Why Mares Productions?

If you are looking for cinematographers who sincerely care about you, and are trusted, seasoned professionals, that’s Mares Productions.  If you want to have peace of mind (and fun in the filming process) and have your event covered accurately with respect and professionalism,  that’s Mares Productions.

What makes you different? 

What makes us different is a blend of consideration, compassion, and collaboration. We work to create a positive, calming and peaceful filming experience. You can relax knowing you can soak in the day, and relive it all later in the film. We use storytelling designs that visually tell your unique stories in an engaging, enlightening, and entertaining style.

How many cameras do you use?

How many camera angles do you want in your film? How many cinematographers are you envisioning filming your events? We typically film with at least 2 cameras, and at least one cinematographer. We can customize with additional cameras and cinematographers, per your individual design requirements.

How do you deliver the films and how long does it take?  

Most of our short client films are provided online or via FTP sites for download. Longer films may be sent to you on USB flash drives. Each project has different specifications and could be completed in as little as a week or two, or longer after you submit your production preferences and installments.

Who would be filming my event? 

This is a great question about something that often causes undue stress. What if you talk to a salesperson who you thought would be your vendor, only to get someone else filming your event who is fresh off Craig’s List? Your Mares Productions event would be filmed by the owners, and maybe an additional assistant or second cinematographer. You will be sharing your event day with people who know you, and that you worked with throughout the planning process.

What is your production style? 

Everyone's event is unique and special to them, and likewise, it is unique and special to us too. We design and produce each film with your signature requests and reservations in mind. You may want just a trailer and full film, or a highlight and ceremony/toasts film. No problem.  Hybrid video is a popular selection for those who want to share their event ‘live’ now and watch their film later. We are versatile in our production offerings, but most of all, we are discreet and discerning.

Do you have travel fees?  

We service the state of Colorado, and beyond, including Arapahoe, Boulder, Denver, Douglas, El Paso, and Jefferson counties. Travel fees are customized for your event needs when outside of these metro areas. 


Can I help design and edit my video?  

We ask a lot of questions to find out what you want, what you may need, and how you want to use and share your film(s). You can have your video, your way, with customizations and your special requests.

What are your payment terms?  

We require a 50% retainer when the service agreement is issued, and then the balance is submitted in installments.  Online links are available for convenient payment.